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Map of WallTraC partners

WallTraC brings together 7 academic and 2 large-scale industrial full network partners from 6 different EU countries. This collective is well equipped to dissect plant cell wall & polymer structures and develop analytical procedures required for - and suited to - industrial exploitation.

Cell wall polymer biochemists from both academic and private sectors (INRA & CP Kelco) will enable the generation of a comprehensive glycan library that will be essential for (i) characterization of novel cell wall-active enzymes by University of Lisbon & Newcastle University; and (ii) molecular probe production and characterization by University of Lisbon & University of Leeds. The assembled tools will be used by University of Copenhagen & University of Potsdam that have world-leading skills in high-throughput analysis of cell walls and in establishment & mining of glycan databases, respectively. The integrated analysis of cell walls using the generated tools will be applied to relevant plant materials - cell walls (fibres) and isolated polymers (pectins) - both of clear academic and industrial interest (Max Planck Institute, University of Leeds, CP Kelco & Bayer).

WallTraC also includes two associated partners (Eurice & VENAM), not directly involved in the research programme, but whose expertise will be crucial for the training and/or the implementation.