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On 19 May 2014, WallTraC organized a symposium to disseminate fellows' results. Presentations are available below. Some of the presentations will be available later, when all results have been published.

pdf   Book of abstracts

Session 1: Biosynthesis & gene expression

pdf   Phosphoinositides regulate cell wall deposition in Arabidopsis leaves. P. Krishnamoorthya, C. Sánchez-Rodrígueza, I. Heilmannb, S. Perssona (aMax Planck I, bMartin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg) (Will be available later)

pdf   Coordination and divergence of cell-specific transcription and translation of genes in Arabidopsis root cells.D. Rajasundarama,b, J. Selbiga,b, S. Perssonb,c S. Klieb (aU.Potsdam, bMax Planck I., cU.Melbourne)

Session 2: Glycan microarrays

pdf   Plant cell elongation. Cell wall dynamics and analysis.X. Guoa, J. Mraveca, I.E. Johansena, J.-L. Runavotb, F. Meulewaeterb, W.G.T. Willatsa (aU. Copenhagen, bBayer)

pdf   High-throughput enzyme activity assays for screening of endo-glycoside-hydrolases.J. Schückel, S.K. Kračun, W.G.T. Willats (U. Copenhagen)

Session 3: Enzymes and Carbohydrate-binding modules (CBMs)

pdf   How is pectin degraded by human gut bacterium Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron?J. Zhanga, M.-C. Raletb, F. Buffettob, F. Guillonb, H.J. Gilberta (aU. Newcastle, bINRA)

pdf   Structural and functional characterization of the type I cohesin-dockerin interaction from Acetivibrio cellulolyticus.K. Camerona, L.M.A. Ferreiraa, S. Najmudina, H.J. Gilbertb and C.M.G.A. Fontesa (aU. Lisbon, bU.Newcastle)

pdf   Structure and function of novel CAZymes and CBMs involved in plant cell wall degradation.I. Vendittoa, S. Najmudina , V. Fernandesa , B. Henrissatb, L.M.A. Ferreiraa, M. Gro Rydahlc, W.G.T. Willatsc, H. J. Gilbertd and C.M.G.A. Fontesa (aU. Lisbon, bCNRS, cU.Copenhagen, dU.Newcastle)

Session 4: Monoclonal antibodies (Mabs)

pdf   Molecular and biochemical tools for the analysis of glycans in plant cell walls. V. Cornuaulta, F. Buffettob, I. Manfielda, M.-C. Raletb, J.P. Knoxa (aU. Leeds, bINRA) (Will be available later)

pdf   Production and fine characterization of new antibodies against rhamnogalacturonan I. F. Buffettoa & V. Cornuaultb, M. Gro Rydahlc, M.-J. Crépeaua, O. Tranqueta , W.G.T. Willatc, P. Knoxb, F. Guillona, M.-C.  Raleta (aINRA, bU.Leeds, cU.Copenhagen) (Will be available later)

Session 5: Pectin: structure-function, process

pdf   Structure of pectin in citrus fruits. M. Kayaa, A.G. Sousab, M.-J. Crépeaua, S.O. Sørensenand M.-C. Raleta (aINRA, bCP Kelco) (Will be available later)

pdf   Industrial pectin structure analysis. A.G. Sousaa,b, M. Kayac, L.I. Ahlb, J. Fangelb, I. Armagana, J. Larsena, H.L. Nielsena, M.-C. Raletc, W.G.T. Willatsb, S.O. Sørensena (aCP Kelco, bU.Copenhagen, cINRA) (Will be available later)

Session 6: Cotton fibre: structure, process, development

pdf   Characterization of non-cellulosic cell wall glycans in developing and mature cotton fibres. M.C. Hernandez-Gomeza, J.-L. Runavotb, X. Guoc, W.G.T. Willatsc, F. Meulewaeterb , J.P. Knoxa (aU. Leeds, bBayer, cU.Copenhagen) (Will be available later)

pdf  Non-cellulosic polysaccharides from cotton fibre are differently impacted by textile processing.J.-L. Runavota, X. Guob, W.G.T. Willatsb, J.P. Knoxc, F. Goubeta, and F. Meulewaeter(aBayer, bU.Copenhagen, cU.Leeds).