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Research programme

WallTraC strategic S&T objective is to develop novel molecular tools & techniques for the analysis of plant cell walls & their component polymers, with direct applicability to industrial end-users. Each partner is a key consortium component, bringing essential skills to the WallTraC vision of an integrated research programme with both fundamental and applied outcomes.

Research activities will be (i) to develop a glycan library; (ii) to isolate and characterize novel enzymatic tools; (iii) to develop required probes to analyse cell wall polysaccharides; (iv) to determine polymer occurrence patterns in cell walls of selected plant materials; and (v) to develop integrated cell wall analysis technologies such as glycan microarrays and databases.

The overall research programme will be divided into four complementary and interlinked scientific work packages:

WP1: Glycan library

WP1: Glycan Library

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WP2: carbohydrate-active-enzyme

WP2: Carbohydrate-active Enzymes

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WP3: Cell walls in situ

WP3: Cell Walls in situ

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WP4: Glycan microarrays

WP4: Glycan Microarrays

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