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WP2: Carbohydrate-active Enzymes

WP2: carbohydrate-active-enzyme
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3-D structure

WP2 will comprise the following research topics: Cloning, expression and the study of carbohydrate-active enzymes and multi-enzyme complexes that are predicted to degrade pectin. The possibility of using multi-enzyme complexes for pectin extraction from dry citrus peels will be assessed.

Newcastle University (work package leader) & University of Lisbon will be strongly involved in this work package. Newcastle University will welcome Kate Cameron from University of Lisbon to quantify cohesin-dockerin intereactions and Julia Schückel from University of Copenhagen for the identification, cloning and expression of relevant carbohydrate-active enzymes. INRA will also take an active part in this work package by welcoming Jeff Zhang from the Newcastle University for enzymes substrate specificity studies using relevant glycans produced in WP1. University of Leeds & University of Lisbon, Newcastle University, INRA, and CP Kelco will collectively study the effect of selected enzymes and multi-enzyme complexes on whole cell walls, especially from citrus species (in relation with WP3).