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WP3: Cell Walls in situ

WP3: Cell walls in situ
The cytoskeleton and cellulose synthases in Arabidopsis cells

WP3 will comprise the following research topics: Generation of novel molecular probes (MABs & CBMs) that will be further used to explore cell wall heterogeneity in Arabidopsis, citrus peels & cotton fibres.

MABs and CBMs production and characterization will be ensured by University of Leeds, University of Lisbon and INRA . University of Lisbon will complete the production, cloning and expression of CBMs. University of Potsdam will be involved in this work package by combining pathways/networks analysis with information on CBMs structure. Bayer & CPKelco will be strongly involved in this work package by ensuring the production of relevant plant cell wall materials of industrial interest (cotton fibres, citrus peels). Max Planck Institute (work package leader) will assess the role of various cell-wall glycans in organ development by studying mutations affecting cellulose- and pectin-related genes in Arabidopsis. Max Planck Institute will further collaborate with Bayer on the possible implementation of results obtained on Arabidopsis to track cellulose deposition in cotton fibres. Full sets of MAB/CBM will be used by several partners to explore cell wall heterogeneity in the relevant cell wall materials using microscopy at University of Leeds & at INRA.