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Training event 1: Introduction to industrial pectin production & Regulatory affairs

Training event 1: Introduction to industrial pectin production & Regulatory affairs
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The first Training Event was hosted by CP Kelco in Lille Skensved, Denmark from 16 to 18 November 2011, and from 6 to 8 October 2014.

Training programme

The training included both scientific and non-scientific aspects related to the industrial production of pectin.

Scientific training: The training combined theoretical and practical modules. The theoretical part included a general presentation of pectin covering origin, production, classification, gelling mechanisms and examples of commercial pectin (topic of WP1). Also, various aspects of jam production were covered including production technology, recipe generation and factors that affect the quality of a jam. During practicals, training participants could experience the (i) effect of choice of fruit (calcium/pH condition); (ii) reactivity of pectin on the jam texture; (iii) the effect of the filling temperature (management of softness and pre-gelation); and (iv) the effect of calcium sources.

Complementary skills training: The training included a description of the regulatory affairs related to the industrial production of pectin and a presentation of the quality controls that need to be implemented to ensure a safe production of food ingredients.

 Presentation/module title


Wednesday 16 November 2011

 CP Kelco general presentation

 Hans Pieter Mathiesen

 Manufacturing of pectin

 Jan Aae Staunstrup

 Industrial applications of pectin

 Steen Hojgaard Christensen

 Plant tour

 Hans Pieter Mathiesen

 Jams - recipes and processing

 Hans Pieter Mathiesen

Thursday 17 November 2011

 Dispersion and hydration of pectin(practical)

 Hans Pieter Mathiesen / Line Vinther

 Cooking of jam in lab (practical)

 Maja Madsen / Dorte Pedersen

 Jam trouble shooting (practical)

 Hans Pieter Mathiesen / Maja Madsen

 Confectionery with pectin

 Dorte Pedersen

 Other low-pH applications of pectin

 Hans Pieter Mathiesen

 Quality control of jams & jellies

 Maja Madsen

Friday 18 November 2011

 Dairy applications of pectin - Introduction

 Camilla Bjergegaard

 Pectin in acidified milk drinks

 Claus Rolin

 Yoghurt mass study

 Camilla Bjergegaard

 Regulatory affairs

 Kristina Elvebakken

 Quality assurance

 Lars Guldfeldt

 Evaluation of samples from previous day(practical)

 Hans Pieter Mathiesen

They talk about the Event


" After this training, I could easily see the logical link between research, development and pectin production. It gave me the background knowledge to understand the biochemistry involved in pectin applications like low sugar jams and acidified milk drinks. " Fanny Buffetto, INRA.