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Training event 2: Plant cell wall architecture & Commercial exploitation of results

Training event 2: Plant cell wall architecture & Commercial exploitation of results
© University of Leeds

The second Training Event was hosted by Bayer CropScience in Ghent, Belgium from 11 to 14 June 2012. Training providers included several Bayer employees, Prof. Paul Knox (U.Leeds), Dr. Clara Sanchez-Rodriguez (Max Planck I.) and Prof. William Willats (U.Copenhagen).

Training programme

The training included both scientific and non-scientific aspects. The training programme and some presentations are available below.

Scientific training: Seminar sessions provided the basis for the state-of-the-science understanding of plant cell wall architecture & dynamics (topic of WP3). Courses gave insight in the different cell wall polymers structure and how these polymers form networks leading to different cell wall architectures. The developmental regulation of cell wall glycans structure were also covered.

Complementary skills training: this training was divided in several sessions incuding:

  • Intellectual property rights course gave an overview on how IPR is treated by Bayer. The course studied exemplary cases as well as real cases, i.e. obstacles that Bayer has faced in previous collaborations with academic or private sector partners. In addition, related topics such as laboratory notebook policy and publication approval were presented.
  • Technology licensing course gave an overview on why innovation and constant technological progress are the only way to meet the growing demand for food and energy-producing plants. The course concentrated on the management of intellectual property in knowledge transfer activities and the Code of Practice for university research organizations.
  • Human resources management course described the basic roles of the HR department, such as how to recruit and hire, provide employee benefits, and manage a compensation programme.
  • Legal affairs course, related to industrial protection, described the procedures to draft, review and assist in the negotiation of agreements.

 Presentation title


11 June 2012

 Presentation of Bayer

 Sven Geibel, Bayer

 Technology licencing

 Sven Geibel, Bayer

 Human resources management

 Pascale Philips & Carine van Carlenberg, Bayer

12 June 2012


 Karel de Rudder, Bayer


 Ana Atanassova, Bayer

 Legal affairs

 Rachel Betts, Bayer

13 June 2012

 Introduction to PCW

 Paul Knox, U.Leeds

 Biosynthesis and regulation of CW components
The presentation is available here.
The presentation contains videos, available here.

 Clara Sanchez-Rodriguez, Max Planck I.

 CW evolution

 William Willats, U.Copenhagen

 14 June 2012

 Intellectual Property Rights

 Rolf Deblaere, Bayer

They talk about the event

"I'm really happy to have got the chance to be in a great company like Bayer. I really enjoyed visiting their labs and all the training was a great experience.
I found the scientific training very interesting and the introduction to cell wall architecture was useful because I could have a good knowledge of different plant cell wall structures. In particular, I understood that it is really important to know their structure-function relationships and I could realize how useful it is for my research." Immacolata Venditto, University of Lisbon.

Immacolata Venditto



“As an academic researcher, the training gave me the opportunity to better understand the special needs and procedures of a large international company by focusing on topics like HR-management, intellectual property rights and technology licensing.
I was particularly interested to see how academic and industrial partners actually collaborate to publish, patent and commercialise their investigations successfully.” Julia Schückel, University of Copenhagen.